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  1. Q The traces of the ball-point pen won't rub off. Aren't they removable?


    Scribbles written in an oily pen won't be effaced in nature. But try it with a small amount of perfume or pain reliever (liquid type). It will work to some extent. But it may spread the stains more. Do not use too much.

    FYI. Do not use acetone.

  2. Q When stepping on the mat, it sounds like a crunch of footsteps.


    Alzipmat Color Folder/Silion minimizes noise, using noise reduction method. Most of the customers give us a positive feedback that their discomfort with noise has been solved. But the noise of a mat occurs from the friction between PU material and the floor surface. Therefore, it will vary by the material of the floor. In addition, every customer has a different level of sensitivity to noise. Therefore, we can't say that our products make 'zero noise'. 

  3. Q It starts to smell suddenly when in use.


    Alzipmat Color Folder/ Silion is made of PU material. In its nature, PU material needs frequent ventilation when in use for a long period of time. As instructed in the manual that was delivered with the mat, it is advised to unzip it to circulate the air inside where it is well ventilated. Having a strange smell or mold has great connections with ventilation. Especially in winter when a room or indoor air is heated, it creates thermal difference between the bottom and the upper layers of a mat, which forms moisture inside. If the space is not well ventilated and the mat is continuously heated, it can cause it to smell. 

  4. Q The space (gap) between the folding areas has widened so it gets dust on it.


    Alzipmat Color Folder / Silion is a 4-tier mat and the interior material of each tier is manually placed inside it. When the interior material is inserted in the fabric at first, the fabric settles down to the shape of the interior material. Until it finds its place perfectly, the contacting areas of the mat to each other can get widen and bulge up from the floor. That phenomenon does not mean the mat is defective. In general, within 1 to 3 months, the problem will be solved.

  5. Q Can I lay the mat on the floor and turn on the boiler in the winter?


    Alzipmat Color Folder / Silion is produced by a patented manufacturing method. Therefore, it does not emit harmful substances even at a high temperature, therefore, it is safe. Because the PU material we use for our mat is vulnerable to high heat and humidity, its long exposure to heat or humidity can cause it to deform in shape or start to smell. The normal recommended heating temperature during the winter is 20~25. When you use the mat at this temperature and ventilate it often, you can use it in a more pleasant environment.

    <Ventilation for the Product>

    When the mat smells too much, unzip it and separate the interior materials from the cover and place them where air can circulate easily for 3 to 4 hours. The outer cover is like clothes. When it gets polluted or smells too much, manually wash it with a neutral detergent or run it in the washing machine in the 'wool' laundering mode.

    After washing, dry it completely away from direct sunlight.

    <Ventilation for a Room>

    Regardless of using the mat, open all windows and circulate the air twice a day during the winter. Then, you can use the product in a more pleasant environment.

  6. Q How should I manage the mat on a regular basis?


    - Gently wipe the surface of the mat with a wet cloth or cotton flannel (after squeezing the water out) and wipe the water completely out with a dry rag before using it.


    - PU cover is vulnerable to high heat and humidity. Therefore, its long exposure to high heat or humidity can cause it to deform in shape.


    - Avoid direct sunlight for long. It may discolor or deform.


    - Do not use material that can damage the leather surface of the mat such as a remover, Febreze, thinner, wax, acetone, pain reliever (liquid type) and others.


    - Do not place hot objects on the mat. It may damage the product.


    - When the product has stains from hair or hand or oil, wipe it out with a warm sponge of neutral detergent and then remove them softly with an eraser.

  7. Q Is it really helpful for 'inter-floor noise?’


    According to studies, the noise by a heavyweight impact, which is the main cause of the noise complaints from neighbor downstairs, can only be reduced by mats with thickness of 2cm or more. (Source: TV Chosun)


    According to the results of the floor impact sound test by Korea Noise and Vibration Technology Co., Ltd., which is a test research institute of inter-floor noise' officially approved by KOLAS, the structure of the interior material for the patented Alzipmat showed that the noise reduced from 67dB to 32dB at the test condition of lightweight impact and the noise reduced to 51dB to 44dB at the test condition of heavyweight impact.

  8. Q Mat appears to have been bent slightly. Is it defective?


    When you receive the product, it may be bent because of the filler (high-resiliency PE foam that acquired environment-friendly certification).

    <How to Restore the Bent Area>

    Bend the mat slightly in the opposite direction and then make sure that the mat spreads flat.

    <If it is still bent>

    Spread the mat on a warm floor for a certain period and fold it. Leave the mat folded in a cold place like a porch and put something heavy on it. Repeat this process two or three times. Then, the mat will be restored from unwanted bending.

  9. Q The mat is uneven.


    Alzipmat Color Folder / Silion uses PE foam, which is a recyclable material. The surface pattern of PE foam is a phenomenon created only by thermal lamination without using any chemicals. It is definitely not a matter of poor quality. It gets flat and smooth as you use it. 

  10. Q How can we clean the gap between the areas of the mat?


    When you clean the gap without the zippers, fold the mat slightly and wipe the mat with damp floor cloth or a wet tissue about two times.

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